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1. Media on the Move - the Coonara exemplar

The Media on the Move Project: New Practices in Flexible Learning 2006 has explored the application of online casting in educational contexts. A number of different educational organisations have been involved in the development of this resource – a how and why for organisations. The Project researched new good practice models that will assist organisations wishing to embed online casting into the delivery of education and training programs within VTE and ACE learning environments.
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2. Connecting the dots

Based in the adult community education (ACE) sector, this project examined the effect podcasting could have as an additional e-learning tool for learners who have little time to attend face-to-face classes, are isolated by their geographic location or who have physical or learning disabilities. The project provides a set of case studies, guidelines and resources to assist VET organisations to further investigate podcasting.
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3. Guide to Social e-learning

In this resource you can explore the opportunities and challenges that you might discover with social e-learning in practice, and get practical guidance and tips from e-learning practitioners. Listen to the following presentation by Lynne Gibb to find out more about how she used wikis at Coonara.
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More detailed information about the Coonara trial

Detailed information about the target group and methodology, as well as the action research:
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