Coonara Community House

"In general if you wait until you have planned the whole process- it will pass you by.
At some stage you have to jump in and get on with it. Even if your tutors are not experts, they can start sharing with the learners and learn together.
You need to take a certain amount of risk, especially in technology." coonaratile-small.jpg

Leanne FitzGerald – Team leader Coonara Community House

Blended learning at Coonara

The team at Coonara Community House were presented with a range of challenges in working with their Certificate II and Certificate III in Community Services class. Some challenges were:
  • The need to develop the oral and written communication for four students
  • Computer literacy skills for 8 of the students combined with a reluctance (if not quite a resistance) to learning IT skills
  • Developing a genuine understanding of community development and other theoretical concepts of community.
The staff felt that technology could help in assisting the students in becoming more self directed learners. What did they do? Did they succeed? Read more for full details.


Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

For Coonara a clever use of ICTs is to offer all students a blended mode of delivery
across the full range of programs: accredited and non-accredited. How will they
achieve this? What are their challenges and what were the enabling factors in getting
them where they are today? Read more for full details.

Organisational capacity

Coonara is an ACFE provider based in Upper Ferntree Gully. It has a commitment to learning and e-learning that is embedded in the organisational culture, its vision and mission. To find out more about their capacity to integrate technology into their course delivery, read more for full details.

Educational reach

Has the use of ICTs increased their reach? Possibly too early to say, but student feedback and growing demand shows that the potential to extend their reach beyond geographical boundaries is definately there. Read more for full details on how Coonara will make this possible.

Community portrait IMGP4122.JPG

Who is Coonara reaching with their use of technology? What do the students think?
What are the community's ICT needs and how do they know? Read more about this and
the Federal government initiative that may help them to set up a community domain for the
Upper Ferntree Gully area.